Level of chemicals in air not dangerous: EPA

Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has revealed that the levels of noxious fumes in the area in which a massive fire occurred on Friday are not dangerous.

Friday night's fire which originated in a chemical warehouse in Abahdhah Fehi Magu of capital Male' burnt down four warehouses and several residential buildings, claiming the life of one. While work is currently ongoing to clean and clear the area, residual smoke is still in the area.

EPA conducted tests on the air in the area, and said Monday that the air contained trace amounts of Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide and Sulphur dioxide. However, they are not at dangerous levels, assured EPA.

EPA advised residents of surrounding building, and those taking part in clearing the area to take precaution by making use of masks.

EPA has previously addressed concerns that the fumes from the fire may have affected rainwater. EPA has confirmed that no traces of acid were found in rainwater after conducting tests on Saturday.