JP leader 'stands firmly with the government'

Jumhoory Party (JP) leader and member of the ruling coalition, Gasim Ibrahim has stated that the current presidential system of government cannot be changed to a parliamentary system despite efforts to do so.

It has been rumored that the current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, who has spoken in support of a parliamentary system on multiple occasions, intends to change the governance system to a parliamentary system.

Speaking at a ceremony held Tuesday at JP headquarters, Gasim indirectly criticized Speaker Nasheed stating that certain people are attempting to discredit President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and the current government in order to fulfill their personal agendas.

Gasim stated that we were witnessing people attempt to discredit the current government in order to fulfill one person's intent. Insisting that the government cannot be overthrown despite any attempts to do so, Gasim expressed his belief that the country's government system will remain as a presidential system.

"I am stating this very clearly: the government cannot be overthrown, and cannot be changed to a parliamentary system", Qasim said,

He affirmed his devotion to the government, stating that though JP works independently in parliament, they are more than willing to assist the government if requested.

Although JP is part of the ruling coalition, JP is a party with their own principles, and therefore, will speak against acts that are in favour of the interests of a certain party or country, said Gasim. Such disapproval is not a vendetta against the government, said Gasim.

Gasim recalled how he was criticized by members of main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) for stating that there are parties who wish to stir up unrest within the government. At the time, MDP members had misconstrued the statement as something he said to please the government and gain something out of it.

Referring to the incident, Gasim said there was not a single person who would not want 'benefits', and admitted that JP requires certain things from the government.

Gasim added that although some people went against what they preach, he would not be one to do so. Referring to Nasheed once again, Gasim said he was not interested in being the country's President, nor was he interested in Nasheed's position as Speaker.