Gasim blames administration's slow pace on disunity within MDP

Leader of Jumhooree Party (JP), Gasim Ibrahim has stated that the administration is moving at a slower pace than that which President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih wishes due to internal conflicts and disunity among main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Speaking at a rally held Tuesday night by JP, Gasim responded to MDP's President Mohamed Nasheed's recent comments that the reason behind delays in providing services to the people of the country is due to the other parties of the ruling coalition.

The ruling coalition is made up of MDP, JP, Adhaalath Party and MRM formed by former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom's.

Speaking as a coalition partner, Gasim described President Solih as a humble and mild-mannered character. Praising the president, Gasim acknowledged that the president continues to govern the country with exemplary patience even amid conflict within his party, said Gasim.

Noting that the president wishes to expedite the provision of services to the country's people, Gasim said the obstacle that stands in the way is the disunity within MDP.

"We are happy to note that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih continues to move forward with determination and patience, with sincerity and his mild mannerism, even amid distressing unrest and disunity within his party. The reason why [the administration] is unable to provide services at the rate that the President desires is due to the disunity within MDP. Yes, I am convinced of this," said Gasim.

Gasim added that he has full confidence in President Solih and his administration, and expressed hope that the president would continue to abide by the pledges he made.

"Let us wait and watch, and see how far this journey takes us. We can tell if things are going sour from where we stand at that point, can't we?," said Gasim.

Speaking recently in K. Guraidhoo, former president Nasheed had stated that several obstructions hindered the administration of the country due to it being part of a coalition. He went on to claim that several projects were halted due to the coalition, and that the President's visions could not be implemented as members from other coalition parties were heading certain ministries and companies.