Foreign Minister commends China's role in climate diplomacy

Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid has stated that China's role in climate diplomacy is commendable.

In an interview given to China's Xinhua News Agency during his first official visit to China, Minister Shahid said the positive effects of the policies are being witnessed both in the international arena and locally.

"The drive you have put to go into solar energy is outstanding. I am coming to Beijing after an absence of about eight years. What I see today in Beijing is clean air and greenery in an all-out effort to tackle the devastating effect of climate change," said the Foreign Minister.

Shahid said China is setting an example to the rest of the world by using domestic policies which has in turn increased China's credibility internationally.

Shahid also highlighted that Maldives is the most low lying nation in the world. Noting that the threat of sea levels rising and the ultimate results and devastating consequences of it are something that the people of Maldives live with everyday, Minister Shahid called on large and small nations to come together and save humanity from this disaster.