'Govt aims to make telecommunication services more affordable'

Minister of Science and Technology Mohamed Maleeh Jamaal has stated that the government aims to improve telecommunication services in the Maldives and make it more affordable.

Maleeh made his remark in a congratulatory message sent on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of Dhiraagu, the first telecommunication service provider in the Maldives.

It is a pledge of the government to bring down the cost of internet.

While almost an year has passed since the current government began administration, there has been no changes to internet prices thus far. The government is facing heavy criticism over the delay in following through on the pledge.

However, Maleeh revealed that discussions are ongoing between the government and the relevant service providers.

The minister said the government policy is to improve telecommunication services in the Maldives and bring down its cost.

"This ministry was established as a direct result of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's keenness to improve the sector, in order to enhance telecommunication services provided to the public. The ministry is working hard to achieve this", said Minister Maleeh.

Dhiraagu was established on 1st October 1988. BTC Islands Limited (Batelco) holding 52%, and the Government of the Maldives holding 41.8%, are the two substantial shareholders of Dhiraagu. The remaining 6.2% of shares are held by the general public.