Emergency motion to be filed over controversial report on radicalization in Maldives

An emergency motion will be filed at the parliament over the report prepared on "Preliminary Assessment of Radicalization in Maldives" by Maldives Democracy Network (MDN).

Nolhivaram MP Mohamed Nasheed Abdulla said the motion will be filed during the next parliament sitting, stating that disrespecting and demeaning Islam and Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) must be put to a stop.

MDN's report assessed how 'radical' Islam was practiced in the Maldives, describing Islam and Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) in a negative light in derogatory terms and in contradiction with the principles of Islam.

The contents of the report prompted harsh criticism from the public and religious scholars, with scores expressing their outrage and concern on the report.

The organization has now apologized for disrespecting Islam and the Prophet in their report, assuring that such actions will not be repeated in the future.

However, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs has already filed a complaint with Maldives Police Service to investigate the matter. They noted that the report was written in such a way that could incite unrest and disrupt religious unity in the country.

While Chairperson of Democracy Network Noosheen Waheed was recently appointed as an Anti-Terrorism Consultant at the President's Office, many have called for her dismissal from the post, as well as other senior members of MDN who are employed at senior positions of the government. Several others have called to ban the organization altogether.

Meanwhile, members of ruling coalition, Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom and religiously conservative Adaalath Party have also condemned the report, with Maumoon describing the contents of the report as unacceptable and Adaalath Party calling to probe and charge the authors of the report.

The Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN) is a non-partisan NGO which aims to promote human rights and the values and principles of democracy in the Maldives.