Committee to investigate those involved in Feb 7 events

Parliament's Government Oversight Committee has included discussion on investigating those involved in the events of February 7, 2012 on the agenda of its sitting on Tuesday.

A letter was sent to the parliament requesting investigation into those involved in the events of February 7, 2012 by an individual, whose identity has not been disclosed.

On February 7, 2012, former president Mohamed Nasheed controversially stepped down from his position on the back of a police mutiny. Several leaders of the then-opposition who led the protests are currently appointed to senior positions of the government, including Home Minister Imran Abdulla, Dhangethi MP Mohamed Nazim, Kimbidhoo MP Abdulla Riyaz and Maamigili MP Gasim Ibrahim.

While Nasheed has always described the events of February 7 as a coup d'├ętat, a presidential commission established to investigate the events surrounding Nasheed's resignation concluded that Nasheed was not under any duress when he handed in his resignation.