Addu City flooded, homes severely damaged

Continuous rainfall in Maldives have caused severe flood damage in all residential islands of Addu City.

While Hithadhoo, Maradhoo, Maradhoo Feydhoo, Feydhoo, Hulhudhoo, and Meedhoo have been flooded, residents have been evacuated from homes that were severely affected by the rain.

Addu City Council said the continuous rain has disrupted daily life, with many workplaces closed due to flooding. Several families have evacuated their homes and relocated to other shelters as their homes are no longer fit to be occupied.

City Council has begun efforts to assess the extend of damage caused by the rain.

National Disaster Management Authority has revealed that 146 homes were flooded in Addu City. This includes 50 homes from Hithadhoo, 4 from Maradhoo, 12 from Maradhoo Feydhoo, 43 from Feydhoo, 10 from Hulhudhoo and 27 from Meedhoo.

While 9 homes have been evacuated, City Council revealed that five out of the nine homes were in Hithadhoo, which suffered the most damage.

MNDF are working to recede flood waters around the city, while the Police have provided aid to 140 homes.

"We have not been able to facilitate 28 homes that requested aid, but we are working on helping them as well", an official said.

MET office has issued weather forecasts stating that scattered rain and a few thundershowers are expected around the country, with the occasional heavy showers in some regions.

Surface winds are believed to vary between south-west / westerly at 5 – 13 miles per hour in northern atolls and east / southeasterly elsewhere at 5 – 15 miles per hour whereas winds may gust at 35 miles per hour during showers. Moreover, seas are expected to be slight becoming moderate during showers.

Due to the heavy rainfall this season, the Coast Guard and MET office have advised for the exercise of caution while traveling.