Aasandha rolls out health insurance services aimed at Maldivians abroad

'Merana' Health Scheme services has been rolled out for Maldivians residing abroad.

The scheme was introduced by the government to facilitate healthcare services to Maldivians residing abroad. Currently, Maldivians residing in Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia can make use of the service.

Aasandha Company said a total coverage of MVR 150,000 will be available for all registered residents, which includes MVR 10,000 for outpatient services. Inpatient services will be covered up to the total available amount under the scheme including admission fees.

Aasandha said while the service is being implemented in Malaysia, it has been streamlined to suit the needs of patients. While the total expense covered under the scheme has been increased to 65% of total bill, the change will soon be implemented in Sri Lanka and India, said Aasandha.

Although 'cashless' services has not ye been arranged in Malaysia, those residing in Malaysia and registered to the Merana Scheme can submit claim forms along with bills to receive their claims.

The Merana scheme was introduced in April this year.

Aasandha is the state-owned company established to administer and manage the government health insurance scheme ' Husnuvaa Aasandha'.