New insurance scheme introduced for Maldivians abroad

Maldivians living in India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia will now be insured under a new scheme "Merana" by Aasandha Company.

Aasandha informed that Maldivians living in the three countries who are registered for the Merana scheme will receive financial support under the scheme. Special guidelines have been drawn up for the purpose.

People who can register for the service are those who have received a visa to reside in the country for at least six months.

A total coverage of MVR 150,000 will be available for all registered residents, which includes MVR 10,000 for outpatient services. Inpatient services will be covered up to the total available amount under the scheme including admission fees.

Merana insurance services will now be available at all hospitals and clinics that accepts Aasandha insurance. Preparations are currently underway to introduce the service to Malaysia, and is expected to be rolled out in Malaysia within the next two months.

The fees that are not covered by the scheme will have to be borne by the patient.