Aasandha to provide teleconsultations through India's Amrita Hospital

Aasandha Company is set to begin providing tele-consultation services in collaboration with Hulhumale' Hospital and India's Amrita Hospital.

Aasandha Company Limited is a state owned company tasked with managing the national health insurance scheme, and administers and manages the national health insurance scheme, facilitating the provision of health care for Maldivians both from Maldives and abroad.

While Maldives has been in a state of lockdown since March 15, patients have been unable to obtain medical services unavailable in the country due to travel restrictions.

In order to address the issue, Aasandha Company made arrangements via Hulhumale' Hospital to use a system established at the hospital to provide tele-consultation services. The service will be available five days a week, and specialist consultations for paediatric conditions, cardiovascular diseases, tumors, head and neck surgeries and urologic diseases will be available under the program.

Aasandha said it hopes to further expand the program to include more international hospitals. The company is working to introduce tele-consultation services to atoll health centres, the company said.