Top court judge requests open hearing

Supreme Court Justice Adam Mohamed has requested the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to conduct open hearings in their investigation into his actions.

JSC's Secretary General told AVAS that Judge Adam requested the commission for an open hearing via a latter sent last Thursday. A decision on the request will be made by JSC during their sitting slated for Mondays, he said.

During the last week, the judicial watchdog made the decision to probe the actions of Supreme Court's Chief Justice Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi, Judge Abdulla Areef and Justice Adam Mohamed. Summons have been sent to the judges.

JSC will be investigating the issues highlighted in a report issued by the commission's committee, which outlines actions carried out by the top court that transgressed outside of the Supreme Court jurisdiction. The commission considered the recommendations outlined in report titled 'Assessment of the Justice Sector Reform Proposals' prepared by South Africa's retired justice Johann Kriegler in pursuing further investigation. In his report, Kriegler had recommended to dismiss Supreme Court judges.

JSC's findings regarding the Supreme Court was shared with the parliament in the form of a report. The report outlined 17 issues. However, 15 issues will be investigated, it has been reported.

While JSC has sent a summon to the Chief Justice, he has refused to present himself at the commission, and gave a statement against JSC to the media. In his statement, he alleged that the JSC was attempting to bring the judiciary under the control of certain group. He also said that JSC cannot investigate Supreme Court rulings.

Following the statement, JSC has announced that the Chief Justice was attempting to cover up the truth, and said they will be investigating the matter as a separate disciplinary case.

Earlier this year, JSC also investigated Supreme Court Justice Abdulla Didi and recommended the parliament to dismiss him. While the judge has now been terminated, JSC recently announced that they will be counseling Supreme Court's Chief Justice Ahmed Abdulla Didi, Judge Abdulla Areef and Justice Adam Mohamed after investigating a case involving the three judges.