Memorial design competition postponed

The Defense Ministry has postponed the competition to design a national memorial to commemorate the martyrs of the country.

The Defense Ministry first set the deadline for submissions to 10:00 am, October 24.

However, MNDF Monday stated that the competition has now been postponed to allow opportunity for more people to take part in the event. A new date for the competition will be announced at a later time, said MNDF.

A memorial commemorating those martyred during the November 3, 1988 attack on Maldives has already been established behind the MNDF's main headquarters. 19 Maldivians were martyred in the coordinated attack led by some Maldivians and Sri Lankan mercenaries. The terrorists blew up a hole in the wall of MNDF Headquarters to enter the building. The monument is built into the same area of the wall to depict the hole made by the terrorists during the attack.