Pres Solih sends Victory Day greetings

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has sent Victory Day greetings to the citizens of Maldives.

President Solih sent his greetings via a tweet posted on Sunday.
"Victory Day greetings and wishes to all Maldivian citizens. I pray to Allah to grant Paradise to all martyrs who lost their lives for their country", wrote the president.

Victory Day marks the defeat of an attempted coup against then-president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom in 1988. Armed with Sri Lankan mercenaries, a group of rogue Maldivians led the attacks which killed 19 Maldivians.

As the country marks 31 years since the incident, most Maldivians involved in carrying out the attacks have completed their sentence and been freed from jail. While Abdulla Luthufee, the leader behind the attacks fled the country during former president Mohamed Nasheed's presidency, he was extradited back to Maldives after he presented himself at the Maldivian embassy in Sri Lanka this April, and is currently in jail.