Identifying and deterring future attacks is the lesson we must learn from Victory Day - Pres

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that the most important lesson to be derived from the treacherous attack of 3rd November 1988 is to identify and deter such future incidents.

The president made his remarks while speaking at the special function held to commemorate the occasion of the 31st Victory Day.

In his speech, President Solih praised the heroic efforts of all soldiers of the armed forces since it’s inception. President Solih reiterated that soldiers today continue showing the same courage and bravery as those who defended the country 31 years ago, symbolizing the oath of the armed forces.

Stressing that the mightiest spear in the battle to protect our religion and our sovereignty is the relationship between civilians and the armed forces, President Solih said that Maldivians displayed the same bond of togetherness during the treacherous attack of 3rd November 1988, and later on during the 2004 tsunami crisis as well as the recent Henveiru ward fire incident, earlier this year.

The President called on soldiers to maintain high discipline, emphasizing that strictly following the armed forces code of ethics and maintaining the highest standard of conduct as per the armed forces act will be the stepping stone in preserving public trust.

Concluding his remarks, President Solih praised the brave soldiers who took position in defending the sovereignity of the nation and sent prayers to the martyrs who lost their lives in defending the country. He especially noted the heroic actions of Shaheed (Martyr) Corporal Hussain Adam, who fought till his last breath to keep insurgents from breaching the Army Headquarters.

The President awarded a special silver medal of bravery to nine soldiers, who risked their lives to rescue the stranded victims of the recent Henveiru ward fire incident. The President also unveiled a music album consisting of national songs by the armed forces.