'Visit Maldives' logo to be printed on national teams' jerseys

Tourism Minister Ali Waheed has stated that the 'Visit Maldives' logo will be printed on the jerseys of all national teams of Maldives.

Speaking on the sidelines of WTM Fair that recently concluded in London, Ali Waheed said the ministry intends to print 'Visit Maldives' logo on jerseys of national teams representing the country.

"All sports played in the Maldives are important. Our teams are the nation's ambassadors, the nation's pride. We are contemplating printing "Visit Maldives" and "Sunny Side of Life" on the jerseys of those representing our country. This is something that will promote tourism industry and the sector as a whole", he said.

The Minister assured that the government would make sure all funds spent on promoting and advertising the Maldives are for feasible projects that would show results.

The government, with the combined efforts of the tourism industry are working to advertise and strengthen the Maldivian brand. The government recently signed a US$ 2.7 million partnership with Spanish football club, Celta De Vigo to advertise the Maldivian brand on their jerseys, stadiums and merchandise for three years.