'Not legally obligated to respond to report' - Chief Justice

Chief Justice Dr Ahmed Abdulla Didi has stated that he is not legally obligated to respond to the report prepared by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on the findings of their investigation into the judge.

JSC has commenced several disciplinary proceedings against the judge. One such case includes the investigation into the constitutionally impermissible decisions made by the Supreme Court that were highlighted in a special report prepared by the JSC.

While the JSC has concluded their investigation into one of the issues listed in the report, the Chief Justice had not cooperated with the investigation. He refused to present himself at the JSC to face the inquiry, claiming that the notice of summon was invalid. He released a statement making accusations against the JSC, which the JSC has described as a ploy to cover up the reality, and announced their decision to probe the judge's conduct as a separate matter.

The Chief Justice also refused to receive the main report prepared by the JSC on 15 instances where the Supreme Court had transgressed its jurisdiction. The Chief Justice informed his refusal via a letter sent to the commission.

AVAS has learnt that the letter sent by the Chief Justice had stated that the investigation was based on false procedures, thereby rendering it invalid. In his letter, he further stated that he was not constitutionally obliged to respond to the report, accusing that the JSC was in contempt of court and was obstructing justice.