Over 9.5 mln media views from ads printed on Celta de Vigo jerseys

Tourism Minister Ali Waheed has revealed that the advertisements printed on Spanish football club, Celta de Vigo's jerseys have resulted in over 9.5 million media views.

Speaking at the ceremony held Sunday at Velana International Airport (VIA) to greet the 1.5 millionth tourist to visit the archipelago this year, Minister Waheed said the 'Visit Maldives' ads on Celta jerseys attracted the attention of people across the world.

"The impacts of our efforts to diversify tourism can be seen from printing advertisements on Celta de Vigo's jerseys. We have received the media review of this campaign, which will publicized soon. World wide views reach over 9.5 million," revealed the minister.

The government signed a three year contract with Celta de Vigo for US$ 2.7 million to promote Maldivian tourism. Under the contract, Maldives will be advertised on the team's jerseys, stadium and other professional material used by the team.