Maldives Travel Awards Gala to be held on December 19

Maldives Travel Awards Gala 2019 organized by Maldives Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO) will be held on December 19.

The event will take place at Marina Crossroads in Emboodoo Lagooon.

MATATO said 236 groups have been nominated for the 28 categories in the awards that are divided over three editions.

14 categories were opened for nomination in the guest house edition. The awards will be given based on the rating on the world's largest travel website TripAdvisor, and by popular vote.

25 categories were opened for nomination in the gala edition specialised for resorts and airlines. New rules and policies have been formulated by the Travel Awards to choose winners in this edition. 60% of the award critieria will be judged by a judges panel which includes both local and international experts, and the remaining 40% will be based on popular vote.

While over 11,0000 votes have been registered this year, 196 groups have been nominated under 13 categories in the local tourism sector.