I do not wish to visit the Taj Mahal without my wife: Nasheed

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has stated that he decided not to visit Taj Mahal during his upcoming visit to India as his wife Laila Ali had not yet visited the mausoleum.

Several people of the public questioned Nasheed on the 'Ask Speaker' program held Saturday night on his decision not to visit Taj Mahal during his visit to India on Sunday.

While speaking at the Parliament earlier that day on his upcoming visit to neighbouring India, Nasheed had revealed that the trip's itinerary listed several activities for the trip, including a visit to the Taj Mahal in the Indian city of Agra. However, he will not be participating in the visit to the historic site, said Nasheed.

"We have much to do. This includes visiting Taj Mahal and other sites of the like. However, respected members, I do not intend to visit the mausoleum," announced Nasheed.

When questioned on why he made these remarks, Nasheed said Saturday night that his wife had not yet visited Taj Mahal and that he did not wish to visit the site without Laila.

"I haven't been able to visit [Taj Mahal] with Laila. As such, I do not wish to go there without her."

15 members of Parliament will be joining Speaker Nasheed on his journey to India on Sunday.