Delegation of 15 parliamentarians travel to India on official visit

A delegation of 15 parliamentarians departed to neighbouring India Sunday afternoon on an official visit.

Parliament secretariat revealed Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla, and several leaders of political parties are part of the delegation. They are accompanied by Secretary General of the Parliament Fathimath Niusha and Counsellor General Fathimath Filza.

The delegation is travelling to India to sign an agreement of cooperation with 'Lok Sabha', the lower house of India's bicameral parliament. Their return is scheduled for Friday.

The parliament approved to exchange the memorandum of understanding titled 'Agreement For Cooperation Between Lok Sabha of the Republic of India and the People's Majlis of the Republic of Maldives' in a vote taken during the final sitting of the third term of the parliament. 68 members voted in favour of signing the agreement.