STELCO installs new generator in Maafushi

STELCO has installed a new 1,600 kilowatt generator at K. Maafushi and commenced services.

STELCO powered the island using three generators of 1,600 kilowatts, 1,000 kilowatts and 888 kilowatts before the new generator was installed.

According to STELCO, an additional generator had to be installed at the island because of increasing demand on electricity due to the increasing number of guesthouses on the island. Maafushi, with a population of over 700, is known as a lucrative local tourism destination. With the new 1,600 kilowatt generator, the whole island can be powered without interruption, said STELCO.

Maafushi powerhouse currently provides electricity services to 770 households. The highest amount of electricity consumption comes from newly established guesthouses on the island.

The government recently amended the price of electricity provided to islands. Each unit of electricity now costs the same amount charged in capital Male'.