Interim president of MRM, Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom has formed the Discussion Committee

Interim president of the Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom has formed the Discussion Committee.

The committee was established under 12 members, a majority of which served the state over the course of many years.

This includes an Honored Member of the Most Honorable Order of the Distinguished Rule of Nishan Izzuddin [a national award given to recognize and honour the long service provided to the government] Umar Zahir, Abbas Ibrahim, and President Maumoon's wife Nasreena Ibrahim.

Additional members of the committee include Members of the National Awards Committee, Women's Rights activist Rahima Adam, State Minister of the Health Ministry Mohamed Zuhair, and a relative to the interim president with years of experience in the education sector Wafa Waheed Mohamed, as well as Aishath Shihama.

Further, football coach Ali Suzain, film star Niuma Mohamed, former member of the Broadcasting Commission Moomina Adam, businessman Ismail Majidh and Mohamed Afeef Hussein are members of the committee as well.