No secrecy involved with Maldives-India MOU

Vice President of the Elections Commission (EC) Ahmed Akram has stated that there are no secret agendas in association to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between India and the Maldives.

The Vice President made these remarks in response to People's National Congress party's (PNC's) counterpart Ibrahim Shujau's claims that the agreement was signed to steal government votes in the upcoming council elections. Shujau also called to publicize details of the agreement with the political parties.

Akram stated that there was no secrecy involved in the MOU, and it has no relation to votes. He said that the agreement is mainly on two areas of cooperation between the commissions - training employees, and sharing elections experiences.

He further stated that the commission has invited national committee members, political parties, and associations to observe a vote counting drill on Saturday. As such, Akram assured that the elections would proceed with transparency and justice.

EC is currently preparing for the upcoming local council elections of April 2020