Govt to Begin Work on Second Over-water Bridge Next Year

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam has revealed that the government intends to commence the project connecting Male', Villimale', Gulhifalhu and industrial island Thilafushi via a bridge next year.

The minister made the revelation Sunday at a symposium held at convention centre Dharubaaruge in capital Male'.

Minister Aslam said the implementation of the project will commence once the necessary assessments are conducted. The government aims to complete the reclamation of Gulhifalhu within the next year, said the minister. The bridge project will commence after reclamation is concluded, he added.

The Planning Minister said there are several preparations that must be undertaken before the bridge project is commenced, and work is already underway to ensure its completion. The design and tendering process of the project are already underway, revealed Aslam.

While the project will be commenced next year, the government hopes to complete the project by 2023, added the minister.

During the symposium, the ministry sought the opinions of the participants of the event. The government's plans regarding the project were shared with the participants, and the project consultant shared details of the project with officials from the relevant authorities.