"I have never encouraged terrorism" - Dr. Iyaz

Prominent local Islamic scholar, Dr. Mohamed Iyaz Abdul Latheef has stated that he has never encouraged acts of terrorism.

Dr. Iyaz made the statement in reply to a tweet directed at him by a citizen inquiring if he had ever supported a terrorist organization, and if he had encouraged such acts at any point.

In his reply, Dr. Iyaz, who is also the Vice President of religiously conservative Adaalath Party's scholars' council said he has never endorsed any acts of terrorism, and will not do so.

"I have never been one to encourage acts of terrorism, and have never supported such acts. By the will of Allah, I will not do so even in the future," wrote Dr. Iyaz.

Dr. Iyaz said such allegations cannot discourage him from carrying out his efforts to spread Islamic knowledge, and that he will remain steadfast in his efforts against those attempting to discredit Islam.