Declaring a city is not enough, implement development projects: Opposition

The opposition coalition has said that it is not enough declaring Kulhudhuffushi as a city and there is a need to implement the development projects for Kulhudhuffishi immediately.

The PPM/PNC coalition called for this in a statement released once the government declared Kulhudhuffushi as a city.

The statement stated that Kulhudhuffushi is declared as a city because of the hard work of its citizens. "The community of Kulhudhuffishi love development, they always fight for the peacefulness of the country, whenever the nation’s freedom is threatened the people of Kulhudhuffish are known to be in the forefront to lead the path to freedom", further stated in the statement.

“The development president Yeameen brought to Kulhudhuffushi is targeted to make it as the business hub. PPM/PCN will always maintain that vision” stated in the statement of the opposition.

Kulhudhuffushi is declared as a city on 1st January 2020.

Kulhudhuffushi is an island even now that have many ongoing economic activities and is one of the leading business islands of the northern region. Some individuals are involved in the business on a large scale in Kulhudhuffishi and the previous two governments have implemented major development projects on the island.

The island is declared as a city while the citizens of the island were raising concern over the delay in declaring it as a city.

Kulhudhuffushi being declared as a city, four city councils will be elected in the upcoming council election that is slated for 4th April 2020.