Former MP Latheef faces heavy criticism due to call to bring down the govt.

The former MP of Ha. Dhidhdhoo Constituency Abdul Latheef has received heavy criticism upon his statement calling the public to come out with weapons/tools to bring down the government.

Speaking in a rally organised by the opposition last Thursday night, Latheef said that there is no leadership skill and neither a capacity of the government. This is because the country is handed over to an incapable president, said Latheef. Latheef further said that they could not keep watching the incapacity of the current government and they shall “chop” the current government and get back the presidency. He called on the public to sharpen their tools and come out to bring down the government.

Latheef further said that sharpening the tools and bringing down the government is something that can be done “within the law.” But he did not provide the details on how it can be done. He added that he will show the “taste of torture” to the government.

Latheef has been facing heavy criticism in social media due to his call to bring down the government and some have been calling to investigate the matter.

Latheef, who has been calling to overthrow the government, is someone who worked to bring the current government. Initially, he worked with former president Abdulla Yameen, but in 2017 he joined the opposition with many other members who joined the opposition. However, with the loss, he faced in last year’s parliament election he has sided with President Yameen again.