Professional & Capable people should be assigned to manage prisons: Ali Hussian

Improving prison condition is one of the main pledges of the government however, work is not being carried out properly, said Adhaalath Party’s MP Ali Hussain who represent Kendhoo Constituency.

Ali Hussain said on Tuesday that the work of fulfilling the pledge of improving prison condition has not shown much progress. He further said, to improve prison conditions, there should be professional and capable officials managing the prisons.

“Improving prison conditions is one of the main pledges of the government and I do not see the work progressing much. To improve jail conditions, professional and capable officials should be assigned to the management of jails”, he said in a tweet.

There were some rumours spread in social media that last Sunday the SO Police, Corrections Officers and Commissioner of Prisons Abdulla Munaz went to Maafushi Prison, sprayed tear gas, "kicked out" prisoners from their cells and kept them outside kneeling down.

The statement issued by Maldives Corrections Services said that last Sunday two Police Officers visited Maafushi Prison to investigate the case of some prisoners assaulting a prisoner on remand.

However, referring to the issue a Police Officer said on Tuesday, when Corrections called the Police and invited for a meeting at Maafushi Prison, two Police Officers attended the meeting. He further said that in the meeting discussions we carried on to expedite the investigations.

After the meeting they had checked some prison cells with Corrections Officers however did not take part in any operation, said the Police Officer.

Recently there has been some conflicts between the prisoners and the officers in Maafushi Prison. The relevant authorities have been issuing conflicting statements while the Corrections is disinclined to reveal the truth to the public.