Defense Minister on shooting down bats and crows

Minister of Defense Mariya Ahmed Didi has acknowledged that several people have been calling to shoot down crows and bats due to increased disturbances, but stated that shooting without a target in residential areas is expensive, and unwise.

Police have previously shot bats and crows to eliminate the disturbance and lessen their population. Several islanders have been airing complaints regarding the disturbances.

On a tweet posted on Friday, the Minister wrote that people have been calling to shoot down bats and crows, but the decision was to be made by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). Mariya further revealed that the agency gave permission solely to chase them away.

"Shooting without a proper target is an expensive task. Moreover it is unwise to do so in residential areas", said Mariya.

While islanders have been facing many personal difficulties due to the animals, they have also been damaging the agriculture.