The talk of Latheef reg weapons cleared

While many have been condemning former MP of Dhidhdhooo Abdul Latheef Mohamed's call, to come out with weapons to bring down the government, he clarified what he meant by that.

In a rally held by the opposition on Friday night calling the release of former President Abdulla Yameen on bail, Latheef clarified that what he meant by his words “come out with weapons to bring down the government”. He said it was just an idiomatic expression. He further said it does not mean to come out with chemicals, guns, knives and armours.

Latheef said there are some idiomatic expressions in the Maldivian language that encourages people to face the challenges. He said that all the members of PPM should fasten belts and work toward defeating the current government and to win have to use weapons but that does not mean to torture anyone with weapons.

“All the members of PPM, all of us, men, women, and the public should unite, fasten the belts and must come out”. Tomorrow they will say I have talked about belts, what are those belts. These are idiomatic expressions of Dhivehi Language. Fasten the belts and come out as one, use the weapons to win. I used that expression to mean defeating the government within the law. I said weapons as an idiomatic expression used by Maldivians. I am not asking to come out with chemicals, guns, knives and armours. It is an expression used within the grammar of the language”. Said former MP Latheef.

Latheef said that he will not step back even if there are calls to take actions against him and that he will not shove off national services fearing that he will be handcuffed and jailed.