Minister Shidhatha said outcomes of financial assistance unknown

Minister Shidhatha Shareef has said that the outcomes of the allowances paid to single parents is not known yet.

Minister Shidhatha said that in the inauguration ceremony of “Social Protection Evaluation Workshop” implemented by National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) with the assistance from UNICEF Maldives.

Speaking at the ceremony that is ongoing at Champa Central Hotel, Minister Shidhatha said even though the allowance was initiated in 2010, it is unknown the outcomes individually as well as communally. The allowance is being provided to underprivileged single parents.

Hence, the “evaluation” that is being conducted by Development Pathway with the assistance from UNICEF Maldives will help to find out the extent of the allowance being reached to the rightful people, the benefits reaped by the rightful people and the alterations to be brought.

Minister Shidhatha further, said that within the social protection system, there are many funds provided to the public. However, some rightful families have not received the necessary information on the assistance provided within the social protection system.

“Therefore, to ensure assistance is provided to the rightful people, there is a need to review and monitor the system regularly.

Minister Sidhatha said that MVR 3.9 million is budgeted this year for the social protection, out of that MVR 1.3 million is allocated for medical expenses and for the disabled people, MVR 1.3 million for elderly people and MVR 1.2 million for other social protection works.