With Ex-Gender Minister's resignation assualt issues submerged

The main-ruling party that holds the supermajority at the parliament made the decision to cast a no-confidence motion against the former Gender Minister Shidhatha Shareef over the issue of former disability ambassador Ahmed Hishan being alleged on a sexual assault case. The MDP members alleged the Ministry’s negligence on the subject. However, Shidhatha resigned before casting the no-confidence motion, when the issue got heated, and a case was filed at the police against Hishan, and several allegations were made against Shithadha. With the resignation of Shidhatha, Hishan’s subject is also submerged it appears.

The renowned former disability ambassador Hishan, who was well known for his charity work for disabled children, is accused of sexual assault to young boys. The police started an investigation over the issue, and meanwhile, the issue was discussed in the parliament as well.

The issue surfaced when Hishan filed an appeal at High Court once his request with the family court seeking guardianship of a disabled youth was rejected. Regarding the case, the family court has stated that the Gender Ministry was aware of the suspected sexual assault to the youth while he was under the guardianship of Hishan. The family court revealed that it decided not to handover guardianship of the youth to Hishan based on police intelligence, and Gender Ministry’s report.

While the allegation is still pending, the current administration had renewed disability ambassadorship of Hishan, and the youth was also under his guardianship. However, now he is terminated from ambassadorship, and the guardianship of the youth is taken away from him.

When the issue surfaced after several days, there were many other issues that were pending at the Gender Ministry. Despite the fact that Shidhatha resigned due to the pressure and accusations on the issue of Hishan, after her resignation, Hishan's issue is not discussed in the parliament, and neither is any other authority.