Support for Yameen growing: Adhurey

Opposition PPM / PNC coalition leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla (Adhurey) has stated that the support for the government would decline in light of former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom's imprisonment and abuse, and that this would ultimately garner more support for the opposition coalition.

During an assembly held at the PPM Office in regard to freeing the former President, Adhurey stated that while the government continues to abuse Yameen, the "Tharaggee Raajje" (Develop Maldvies) promised to the public was not being given. As such, the support for the government is declining and getting diverted to the opposition coalition instead, he said.

Adhurey also refuted MDP leaders' frequent claims that the coalition is not one that identifies with the decentralization policy, stating that they are the only parties in the country that focus their political objectives around public interest.

"We don't know of this 'Democracy' MDP raves of. We don't even want to learn of it. This 'decentralization' they speak of is merely irreligious democracy. Campaigning through government facilities is not something we desire", Adhurey said.

He further stated that the country could only be salvaged if the majority of the council seats go to PPM. However, he said that this would not be sufficient, and that they needed to initiate work and bring PPM back to leadership.

"Our future can only be successfully attained under PPM leadership. The public needs to achieve this opportunity for the party. Achieving it for the party, means achieving it for President Yameen as well", Adhurey said.