Clique College to host special events this year

The Clique College has said that they have scheduled several activities on the occasion of their 20th Anniversary.

The College’s Marketing Manager Mariyam Ahmed Didi said that there will be special opportunities for the new students as well as for the existing students.

There will be surprises that we will not reveal at the moment, said Mariyam. She said that while the College is preparing for opening opportunities new enrolments, it is welcome to ask any queries that the applicants might have.

“Clique College welcomes the students and parents to approach us and get the necessary information on the career path, we will assist them on it”, said Mariyam.

20 surprises in this year
Clique College will conduct 20 surprise events in various parts on the year. The College will open for opportunities to apply for the courses on 22nd of January 2020.

Business Development Manager of Clique College Mohamed Roashan said that they will receive assistance from Malaysia’s Segi University to host a special campaign this year.

“We have planned to continue this year in a unique manner collaboratively with Segi College”, said Roashan.

The college founded in the year 2001, conducts many programmes. Those courses are recongnised in the Maldives and international colleges. The College in collaboration with Segi University, is conducting a course on Early Childhood. In addition, other courses that are being carried on by the college are, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, and Accounting.