I am the one who can solve social issues: Shidhatha

The Minister of Gender Shidhatha Shareef has said that even if people are calling for her resignation, it is she who can solve the social issues of the country and that she has that self-confidence.

With regard to the issue of abuse of a 2-year-old toddler that surfaced on Thursday, people have voiced that the Ministry is unable to solve the issue and called the resignation of Minister Shidhatha.

In the news conference that was held collaboratively by Ministry of Gender and the Police, responding to the call for her resignation, she said that since she joined the office she had attended many issues and will continue to do so.

Minister Shidhatha said that if proven that she has failed as a minister, then she will not hesitate to resign from her post. Despite that is it she who can solve the issues, and that she has full confidence and is determined.

“I will not hesitate to resign if there is a failure of me. However, I’m determined to proceed with my work. I have confidence that I am the person who can solve such issues” said Minister Shidhatha.

Minister Shidhatha said that before she joins the office, the situation was worse. In that regard, noted ratifying and implementing children’s rights and justice bill that was on the parliament for twelve years.

"Today we are implementing an Act that is suitable for the situation and the condition, and those who observe well will see not the failure of the government but rather the systematic advances that the government is making,” said Minister Shidhatha.

Minister Shidhatha said that the necessary actions will be taken on such issues that surface from every household of the Maldives. She further said that even if there are no reports of such issues, they will monitor the places and ensure the safety of the children.

“We believe that as long are we are in this position, each and every day is a day to work for improvement and this government will be the government that will solve the issues and revolutionize such changes,” said Minister Shidhatha.