Hearing of former VP Adheeb cancelled upon lawyers' request

The court hearing of former Vice President Ahmed Adheeb has been cancelled on the request of the lawyers.

Even though previously he was found guilty and convicted for several accusations, all those accusations were nullified later. While those convictions were nullified, the Prosecutor General's Office has filed seven allegations against him.

The seven accusations are on the corruption and money laundering that occurred in MMPRC between 2014 to 2015. The prosecutions were made upon an investigation that was carried on by the Asset Recover Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission and Police after which the case was sent to Prosecutor General’s Office for Prosecution.

Adheeb has confessed to the seven accusations made against him during the investigations. He has signed the agreement admitting the accusations made against him on the MMPRC Corruption issue as per the Criminal Procedure Act.

The Criminal Court revealed that the hearing that was scheduled for Tuesday 14;00 hrs was cancelled on the request of the lawyers. The previous hearing was also cancelled.

Ten accusations were made against Adheeb previously upon the investigations that the Police carried on regarding the MMPRC case. However, the allegations were not admissible to the Criminal Court. The Anti-Corruption Commission also investigated the case of MMPRC.

Thus far, Adheeb is found guilty of only one issue of MMPRC’s Corruption. That is the case of Maabin Hura island. Conversely, the High Court has ordered the Criminal Court to reinvestigate the case and the government has appealed to the Supreme Court against the High Court’s order. Nevertheless, the Prosecutor General's Office has taken back the case as per their agreement with Adheeb.