Fayaz as a member of Elections Commission

Former Vice President of the Elections Commission (EC), Ahmed Fayaz has decided to contend for the membership of the commission.

Fayaz revealed his intention to attain membership on a post he wrote on Twitter.

While he has decided to contend for membership, Fayaz was previously dismissed from his post in relation to the Sumoto case taken to the Supreme Court.

Ahmed Fayaz made the decision to become a member of EC after the President's Office opened the opportunity for interested parties to submit their applications for the post upon completion of a member's tenure on the 23rd of March.

Said member is Vice President of EC, Ahmed Akram, appointed to the post in 2015. Akram has been one of the most active members of the commission since his appointment.

Formed to inspect the elections held in the Maldives, the Elections Commission consists of five member. Currently, the Commission is occupied by President of the Commission Ahmed Shareef, Vice President Ahmed Akram, Member Fuad Thaufeeq, Ismail Habeeb, and Ali Nashaath.