Dubai expo: Opportunity to showcase local products

The Ministry of Economic Development has announced the opportunity to participate in the "Expo 2020” which will be held in Dubai this year.

The expo that is being held in every five years is a major commercial event that will stretch to six months. The deadline for application to participate in the event is 30th of this month.

“Expo 2020” is an opportunity for small and medium enterprises to sell their products in addition to obtaining market for the products, said Ministry of Economic Development.

The Ministry of Economic Development said that opportunities to participate in Expo 2020 will be provided to those noticeable ventures of the "Funnu Expo" that was held last year.

“Expo 2020” will be held from 20th of October 2020 to 10th of April 2021. This is the largest expo that is held in the globe in this manner.