Fish Curry - among world-famous curries

There are dozens of countries that prepare innumerable delicious curries that are world-famous — India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka top the list. However, an index developed listing top 12 popular curries of the world- Fish Curry of the Maldives (Mas Riha) is ranked as number 6.

The American writer, Colin Sen’s book “Curry: a global history” is published in CNN Travels. The list that caught the attention of dozens of people- this small Asian country’s Fish Curry is comprised along with India’s Butter chicken, Jamaica’s Curry goat, Japan’s Curry rice.

Also, South Korea’s Tteokbokki, Malaysia, and Indonesia’s Beef rendang, Pakistan’s Haleem, is included. Moreover, South Africa’s Bunny chow, Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese Curry, Thailand’s Green curry, Caribbean’s Curry crab and UK’s Tikka Masala is included in the list.

Describing Maldives Fish Curry – On CNN, it was written that the eight types of curries that are prepared in the Maldives – originate from India, Africa, and the Middle East. Furthermore, the recipe for fish curry is inscribed - ingredients such as fish, coconut milk, fresh chillies, cinnamon, and cardamom mentioned.

Additionally, it was renowned by CNN, the deliciousness of mango curry and, chicken curry of the Maldives.