Yameen is stationed where the former Presidents were: Imran

Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdulla has stated that former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom is stationed in the prison that was previously occupied by former Presidents Mohamed Nasheed and Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom.

Further, the Minister assures that the condition of the prison has been much improved.

Imran made these remarks following opposition PNC leader Abdul-Raheem Abdulla's claims that the former President was being treated abusively, and denied his fundamental rights.

Imran Abdulla was previously locked up for a definitive period during Yameen's reign, and now serves as Home Minister. He denied Adhurey's allegations, stating that Yameen Abdul Gayyoom of Ma. Kaamineehulhanguge was serving his five-year sentence for money laundering in an improved prison where he had unlawfully locked up former Presidents Nasheed and Maumoon.

The Ministry of Home Affairs stated on Sunday that the basic, human rights under the Constitution of the Republic of Maldives obliged to all convicts serving their sentences were being facilitated to Yameen with impartiality. They further stated that they had not received any complaints from Yameen's lawyer, or family in this regard.

"Under the instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs, the Inspector of Correction Service visited the premises to conduct an inspection of the prison, and an assessment of the convict - his condition, concerns, and complaints. [former President Yameen]. These findings indicated nothing of the sort being implicated in media", stated the Ministry.

Speaking at a PPM assembly held Friday night in Ha. Baarah, Abdul-Raheem Abdulla said that while the former President had conducted himself with dignity, and justice in his leadership - his wife was now only able to see him in prison after presenting their marriage certificate.

"President Yameen is being abused. The man has become extremely skinny. This is devastating news", he said with intensity. "He [Yameen] said that the conditions were deplorable, that he had no means to shave his beard, and the same raw food brought to him every day. He said that he had difficulty sleeping and that they intentionally caused noisy disruptions, at which point I could not bear to hear anymore. I'll be honest, it reduced me to tears".

Abdul-Raheem said that every day that passes is another day that Yameen faces this unjust abuse. Furthermore, he said that it was evident in recently resigned Commissioner of Prisons' statements that the ruling government coalition was deliberately harming the former President.

"He has breakouts all over his face. When I questioned him on it, he said that they all used one razor to shave. They don't have aftershave in their disposal, as it is banned. There is no lotion to apply after taking a shower, no 'atar' or perfume to adorn when going for Friday prayers. He's in a poor, crippling condition", said Abdul Raheem.