Abdulla Saeed verdict overturned

Charges against former Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed has been nullified, rendering him free.

The Criminal Court levied charges of obstructing justice against Saeed to serve a sentence of one year, seven months, and six days over his refusal to hand over a mobile phone to police authorities.

During Saeed’s appeal hearing held at High Court this Monday, the state ruled against the Criminal Court's verdict on the grounds that it was contradictory to the constitution. As such, the verdict was nullified.

There were a number of charges levied against the former Chief Justice under the previous administration, out of which three were put forward by the Criminal Court. This includes influencing official work, judges, and the refusal to handover his mobile phone, thus obstructing justice.

Abdulla Saeed was convicted of the initial two verdicts. The conviction over his refusal to hand over his phone ensued in December last year.

The former Chief Justice was arrested following the landmark ruling issued by the Supreme Court on the 1st of February, 2018. Former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom had objected to the ruling for political leaders' release. As such, Police entered the Supreme Court and arrested both Saeed and Judge Ali Hameed.

Subsequently after their conviction, they were dismissed from their posts. Up until former President Yameen lost the presidential elections, the judges remained in jail. Afterwards, they were completing their sentences on house arrest. Ali Hameed was freed only recently.