10,000 people register at flat portal

Housing Ministry has revealed that over 10,000 registered at the flat portal as opposed to getting stuck in queue.

"Magey Hiyaavahi" portal was launched in February last year. The portal was established as a registration website so people can do so conveniently without having to get stuck in queue.

Executive Director of the Housing Ministry Hassan Hassam said the housing projects would open shortly, further stating that registration into the schemes would be quickest through the portal. As such, over 10,000 people have already registered through these means.

"10,000 people have registered so far. We are working to develop the website to convenience access and usage. We have also established a hotline and help desk to assist in the registration process", said Hassam.

According to Hassam, they are also working to sign an agreement on conveying information with the pension office, as a result of which the portal would improve. Thus, easing those accessing the portal as well.

Based on what the Housing Ministry previously stated, the portal would display all established government housing schemes. However, while 10,000 have registered no schemes have been opened as of yet.