Maldives is prepared for looming Coronavirus: Govt

The Government of Maldives has stated that the country is prepared for the rapidly spreading, deadly disease Coronavirus.

Speaking at a press conference held at the President's Office, by the Health and Tourism Ministries, Health Minister Abdulla Ameen stated that no Maldivians suspected of infection have been discovered as of yet. However, he assured that the government was extremely prepared if the situation were to arise as they had established an action plan after extensive deliberation.

Furthermore, he revealed that steps had been taken to secure the safety of health care professionals and airport staff and that they had been thoroughly briefed on the disease and the necessary precautions.

Minister Ameen also revealed that efforts are being initiated in collaboration with government companies in order to acquire masks and other health facilities in the plausible event of discovering the virus.

"A system has now been established to treat suspected, alleged, and positive cases of affected individuals. The necessary preparations in treatment, transportation, and ambulance services have have also been implemented in this system. As such, we are able to confidently state that we have made the needed arrangements to tackle if such a situation were to arise", said Ameen.

The Minister revealed that quarantine facilities have also been established and prepped to a level in which diligent services can be provided. He said that they are working to increase isolation capacity in anticipation of an outbreak . Ameen further stated that they are working to attain thermal cameras to screen fever levels, while the demand for these have increased since the spread of the virus.

"In contrast to the precautionary measures being made in a global scale, the Maldives are aligning conduct perfectly in sync with outside efforts", said Ameen.

The Minister of Tourism - Ali Waheed - who also participated in the conference stated that the government would not withhold any information in relation to the virus, further stating that the people are the government's top priority. As such, the necessary precautions has been made, he said.

"In the possibility of a worst case scenario in which the virus were to be discovered, the Maldivian government, under the direct administration of President Ibrahim Solih has prepared extensively and made all necessary precautions", said the Minister.

While there has been no affected individual of the Coronavirus discovered in the Maldives, several have been found in the largely Maldivian populated Sri Lanka and other sites within this region.