Coronavirus: special measures to assist tourists

The tourism ministry has established special protocols for coronavirus outbreak to assist tourists that are in the Maldives.

The tourism ministry issued a statement on Thursday enlightening the required preventive measures government have been taking corresponding to the coronavirus outbreak that is spreading rapidly across the globe. In that regard, the Maldives has suspended inbound direct flights from China. Moreover, the government have been exploring the measures and protocols that shall be taken further.

A particular unit is established in the tourism ministry to research the effect on Maldives tourism industry due to the virus outbreak. The ministry has been taking actions in advance collaboratively with the relevant stakeholders, the statement further stated.

Besides, the ministry has stated that from Thursday night onwards a help desk is set-up at the Velana International Airport to assist tourists that arrive and depart the Maldives.

In a news conference held at the President’s Office by the foreign ministry, health ministry and tourism ministry collaboratively on Thursday, tourism minister Ali Waheed said owing to the condition faced by the world caused by the virus, the ministry is working to address any difficulty that the tourists might face returning to their homelands.

In addition to suspending direct flight from China, the government have advised the public to avoid any preventable overseas travel.

The virus that has spread across China had killed 170 people to date and as of 29 January, 7711 people have been identified as infected with the virus while it has been detected in 16 countries including neighbouring countries India and, Sri Lanka.