ACC summons MP Nihad; matter taken to committee

Feydhoo MP Mohamed Nihad has been summoned to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) regarding a remark he made on the Parliament floor.

Nihad has been summoned to ACC after he alleged that the former Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Ahmed Hailam had accepted a bribe of US$ 2 million from former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom during his money laundering trial. Hailam had initially presided over the case although he was later suspended and dismissed from his post before a verdict could be delivered due to a controversial Victory Day greeting he sent to a social media group of the Criminal Court. A five-judge bench was later comprised to preside over the case, and President Yameen was ultimately found guilty of money laundering and sentenced to five years in jail.

After MP Nihad made the allegations on the parliament floor, the ACC summoned him to further investigate his claims. Following the summon, Nihad appealed the issue to the Parliament Committee on Independent Institutions. The committee subsequently tabled the matter on the agenda during its sitting held Wednesday.

According to Parliament regulations, no action be taken against any parliament member over any statements or revelations they reveal on the parliament floor, provided that their speech is within the boundaries of Islam. Furthermore, they cannot be investigated or called in for questioning as per regulations.

This was discussed extensively in the Committee assembly on Wednesday.

Well into the meeting, Isdhoo MP Ali Hameed suggested to continue the meeting privately without media presence. Upon collective agreement, they then continued the committee meeting privately.