STELCO kicks off program to train female electricians

STELCO on Wednesday commenced a course to women as electricians.

21 participants from among the employees of STELCO and the public are taking part in the 15-week course.

Speaking at a ceremony held to kick off the training, Managing Director of STELCO Hassan Mughnee said that while the country is developing, it is integral that majority of the populace be employed in some work.

Furthermore, he stated that there would be difficulties in achieving such a target if a specific gender did not have the same opportunities as the other.

"While we have the opportunity to change the belief that employment in the technological field is strictly for men, we will ensure we use it to change how the field is percieved", said Mughnee.

The company has previously initiated courses to induct electricians into the field. However, this is the first training specialized for females. The company has revealed the standard of the course as Tivet Authority, Level III.

While the course offers both theoretical and practical aspects, practical work will be carried out at the STELCO building.