DHIRAAGU and Women in Tech Maldives conducting workshop “Gengo Girls Male’”

DHIRAAGU and Women in Tech Maldives are collaboratively working to increase women’s participation in the technical fields. In that regard, they have deliberated to conduct a workshop named “Django Girls Male’”.

The workshop that will be held in the weekend is targeted to females above 16-years of age.

According to DHIRAAGU, in the “Django Girls Male’” workshop the participants will be taught how to develop websites using Pieton and Django Framework. The coaches of the workshop will be the participants of “Training of Django Coaches” workshop conducted by Women in Tech Maldives in 2019. The participants of “Django Girls Male’ will develop websites with the instruction of the coaches.

This workshop is a workshop of an NGO “Django Girls” that have been conducting the workshop to teach coding for the girls voluntarily in various corners of the globe.

DHIRAAGU and Women in Tech have collaboratively initiated a series of programmes to empower and increase the productivity of women in the name of “Girls to Code”. In line with that, the first programme was held in Fuvahmulah last year and such programmes are planned to be conducted in other parts of the Maldives.