Ex-disability amb vetted before receiving National Award

The National Awards Committee has revealed that Ahmed Hishan was presented with the National Award of Recognition in 2014 after a meticulous vetting process.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Aneesa Ahmed - recipient of the Order of Distinguished Rule of Izzuddin - stated that the committee saw it as its duty to clarify to the public, and other relevant authorities, questions regarding the presenting of the award to the individual in question.

In this regard, she confirmed that the committee shortlisted Ahmed Hishan as a recipient for the award in 2014 after no criminal records were discovered during the vetting process.

She further explained that in addition to inquiring with the Maldives Police Service and through the court system, the committee also held interviews with relevant parties and persons before shortlisting recipients.

Aneesa Ahmed further noted that the committee publishes the guidelines and criterion for recipients of the awards in the Government Gazette every year, which also includes conditions where an individual could be stripped of the award.

Ahmed Hishan was recently dismissed as the Disability Ambassador amid sexual abuse allegations. The government has been heavily criticized for appointing him to such a position and presenting him with a National Award while the police and Gender Ministry were aware of such suspicions.