Will sacrifice everything to protect the government: MP Jabir

Renowned businessman and Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir has stated that he is prepared to sacrifice himself to protect President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and his administration.

Speaking with AVAS Wednesday night, Jabir said he had recently met with President Solih wherein they discussed the political climate of the country extensively.

Having heavily criticized President Solih in the past, Jabir stated that he will sacrifice everything to ensure that the President is able to smoothly complete the rest of his tenure.

"I stand by President Solih, there is no doubt about that. I am prepared to 'sacrifice' everything to ensure he completes his remaining 4 years of tenure", said Jabir.

Jabir said that while he would fulfill his duty to Parliament to the best of his abilities as he had contended in the election with massive public support and trust.

"In reality, I am currently the opposition leader in Parliament. In this position, I will work to uphold the Constitution, and protect the people's rights. I will do all that needs to be done in this regard", he said.